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My Video and DVD list

This list is also accessible from my WAP phone and PDA, so if I walk into a shop and can't remember if I've already got something, I can just look it up there and then. In theory. Forgetting to sync the PDA or being unable to get a signal in the back of a shop usually means I have to rely on memory anyway.

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1.  28 Days Later DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
2.  51st State DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
3.  The Abyss (Special Edition) VHS [WIDESCREEN] Film
4.  Adaptation DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
5.  The African Queen VHS Film
6.  Akira (Special Edition) DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set] Foreign Language (Japanese) Animated (Anime)
7.  Akira (Special Edition) VHS Film Foreign Language (Japanese) Animated (Anime)
8.  Alien VHS [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
9.  Alien3 VHS [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
10.  Alien Resurrection VHS [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
11.  Aliens VHS [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
12.  Aliens (Special Edition) VHS Film
13.  Angel series 1 #1 VHS TV show [Box Set]
14.  Animatrix DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film Animated (Anime)
15.  Apocalypse Now VHS [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
16.  Armageddon VHS Film
17.  Armour of God DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film Foreign Language (Cantonese)
18.  Assault on Precinct 13 VHS Film
19.  Avalon DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film Foreign Language (Polish)
20.  Babylon 5 pilot VHS TV show
21.  Back to the Future DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
22.  A Beautiful Mind DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
23.  Being John Malkovich DVD Film
24.  A Better Tomorrow DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set] Foreign Language (Cantonese)
25.  The Big Blue DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film Foreign Language (French)
26.  The Big Lebowski DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
27.  The Big Sleep DVD Film [Box Set] Black and White
28.  The Big Sleep VHS Film Black and White
29.  Black Books DVD [WIDESCREEN] TV show
30.  Blade DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
31.  Blade II DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
32.  Bladerunner VHS Film
33.  Bladerunner (Director's Cut) VHS [WIDESCREEN] Film
34.  Bound DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
35.  The Bourne Identity DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
36.  The Bourne Supremecy DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
37.  Breakfast at Tiffany's VHS Film
38.  Bringing Out the Dead DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
39.  Buffalo Soldiers DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
40.  Buffy series 1 VHS TV show [Box Set]
41.  Buffy series 2 #1 VHS TV show [Box Set]
42.  Buffy series 2 #2 VHS TV show [Box Set]
43.  Buffy series 3 #1 VHS TV show [Box Set]
44.  Buffy series 3 #2 VHS TV show [Box Set]
45.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer VHS Film
46.  Bulletproof Monk DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
47.  Call It Murder DVD Film Black and White
48.  Casablanca VHS Film Black and White
49.  Cats and Dogs DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
50.  Charlie's Angels DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film Hollywood Remake
51.  Chicken Run DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film Animated (Claymation)
52.  Chinatown VHS Film
53.  Citizen Kane VHS Film Black and White
54.  City of God DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film Foreign Language (Portuguese)
55.  City on Fire VHS Film Foreign Language (Cantonese)
56.  Close Encounters of the Third Kind VHS Film
57.  A Close Shave DVD TV show [Box Set] Animated (Claymation)
58.  A Close Shave VHS TV show Animated (Claymation)
59.  The Colditz Story VHS Film Black and White
60.  The Color of Money DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
61.  Con Air VHS Film
62.  Confessions of a Dangerous Mind DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
63.  The Conversation VHS Film
64.  The Corruptor VHS Film
65.  Crimson Tide VHS Film
66.  Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film Foreign Language (Mandarin)
67.  Croupier VHS Film
68.  Cruel Intentions VHS Film
69.  Dances With Wolves DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
70.  Daredevil DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
71.  Dark Passage VHS Film Black and White
72.  Das Boot VHS [WIDESCREEN] Film
73.  David Blaine - Mystifier VHS TV show
74.  Dead or Alive 2 DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film Foreign Language (Japanese)
75.  Dead Reckoning DVD Film Black and White
76.  Deep Blue Sea DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
77.  The Deer Hunter DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
78.  Demolition Man VHS Film
79.  Desparado VHS Film
80.  Die Hard with a Vengence VHS Film
81.  Dog Day Afternoon DVD Film
82.  Dogma DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
83.  Dog Soldiers DVD Film
84.  Donnie Darko DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
85.  Dr. Strangelove VHS Film Black and White
86.  Eddie Izzard - Unrepeatable VHS Comedy
87.  Edge of Darkness VHS TV show [Box Set]
88.  El Cid DVD Film
89.  Enemy at the Gates DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
90.  Enemy of the State VHS Film
91.  Enigma DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
92.  Equilibrium DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
93.  Face/Off VHS Film
94.  Family Guy season 1 DVD TV show Animated (Cartoon)
95.  Family Guy season 2 DVD TV show Animated (Cartoon)
96.  Fargo VHS Film
97.  Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas VHS Film
98.  Ferris Bueller's Day Off DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
99.  Ferris Bueller's Day Off VHS Film
100.  The Fifth Element VHS [WIDESCREEN] Film
101.  Fight Club DVD Film [Box Set]
102.  Firefly series 1 DVD [WIDESCREEN] TV show [Box Set]
103.  Firefox VHS Film
104.  The Fly VHS Film
105.  Frank Skinner Live VHS Comedy
106.  From Dusk Till Dawn VHS Film
107.  Gangs of New York DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
108.  Gangster No. 1 DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
109.  Get Shorty VHS Film
110.  Ghostbusters VHS Film
111.  Ghostbusters II VHS Film
112.  Ghost Dog - The Way of the Samurai DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
113.  Ghost in the Shell DVD Film Foreign Language (Japanese) Animated (Anime)
114.  Gladiator DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
115.  Gleaming the Cube DVD Film
116.  Go VHS Film
117.  Goldeneye VHS Film
118.  Gone in 60 seconds DVD Film
119.  Gorgeous (Jackie Chan) VHS Film Foreign Language (Cantonese)
120.  A Grand Day Out DVD TV show Animated (Claymation)
121.  The Great Escape DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
122.  Grosse Pointe Blank VHS Film
123.  Hackers VHS Film
124.  Hamlet VHS [WIDESCREEN] Film
125.  Hard Boiled DVD Film Foreign Language (Cantonese)
126.  Hearts of Darkness - The Making Of Apocalypse Now VHS [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
127.  Heat VHS Film
128.  Heathers VHS Film
129.  Heist DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
130.  Hellboy DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
131.  Hero DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film Foreign Language (Mandarin)
132.  The Hidden Fortress DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film Foreign Language (Japanese) Black and White
133.  High Fidelity DVD Film
134.  Highlander DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
135.  Highlander VHS Film
136.  Highlander Endgame VHS Film
137.  Hot Shots DVD Film [Box Set]
138.  Hot Shots part Deux DVD Film [Box Set]
139.  The Hudsucker Proxy VHS Film
140.  Human Traffic DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
141.  The Hustler DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film Black and White
142.  I, Robot DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
143.  Independance Day VHS [WIDESCREEN] Film
144.  Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
145.  Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
146.  Iron Fisted Monk VHS Film Foreign Language (Cantonese)
147.  Iron Monkey DVD Film Foreign Language (Cantonese)
148.  It's a Wonderful Life VHS Film Black and White
149.  Jackie Brown VHS Film
150.  Jason and the Argonauts VHS Film
151.  Kagemusha DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film Foreign Language (Japanese)
152.  Key Largo DVD Film [Box Set] Black and White
153.  Key Largo VHS Film Black and White
154.  Kill Bill volume 1 DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
155.  Kill Bill volume 2 DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
156.  The Killer VHS Film Foreign Language (Cantonese)
157.  Kind Hearts and Coronets VHS Film Black and White
158.  Kiss of the Dragon DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
159.  A Knight's Tale VHS Film
160.  LA Confidential VHS Film
161.  The Last Boy Scout VHS Film
162.  The Last Seduction VHS Film
163.  Later with Jools Holland Louder DVD Music
164.  Lawrence of Arabia DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
165.  Leon VHS Film
166.  Lethal Weapon VHS Film
167.  Lethal Weapon 2 VHS Film
168.  Lethal Weapon 3 VHS Film
169.  The Limey DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
170.  Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels VHS Film
171.  The Long Kiss Goodnight DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
172.  The Long Kiss Goodnight VHS Film
173.  Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (Special Edition) DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
174.  Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (Special Edition) DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
175.  Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Special Edition) DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
176.  The Lost Boys VHS Film
177.  Lost in Space DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
178.  The Maltese Falcon DVD Film [Box Set] Black and White
179.  The Maltese Falcon VHS Film Black and White
180.  Mars Attacks! VHS Film
181.  The Mask VHS Film
182.  The Mask of Zorro VHS Film
183.  Massive Attack: 11 Promos DVD Music
184.  The Matrix DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
185.  The Matrix VHS Film
186.  Memento DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
187.  Men in Black VHS Film
188.  Metropolis DVD Film Black and White
189.  Miller's Crossing (Special Edition) DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
190.  Miller's Crossing VHS Film
191.  Mission Impossible II DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
192.  Monster City VHS Film Animated (Anime)
193.  Monty Python's Life of Brian DVD Film
194.  Monty Python and the Holy Grail DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
195.  The Mummy DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
196.  The Name of the Rose VHS Film
197.  Natural Born Killers (Director's Cut) DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
198.  The Negotiator VHS Film
199.  Newman and Baddiel - History Today VHS Comedy
200.  Nikita VHS Film Foreign Language (French)
201.  Notorious VHS Film Black and White
202.  O Brother, Where Art Thou? DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
203.  Ocean's Eleven DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film Remake
204.  Once Upon a Time in China DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film Foreign Language (Cantonese)
205.  Once Upon a Time in China 3 DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film Foreign Language (Cantonese)
206.  Once Upon a Time in China and America DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film Foreign Language (Cantonese)
207.  One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
208.  One Night at McCool's DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
209.  The Opposite of Sex VHS Film
210.  Out of Sight VHS Film
211.  Patlabor 1 VHS Film Foreign Language (Cantonese) Animated (Anime)
212.  Patlabor 2 VHS Film Foreign Language (Cantonese) Animated (Anime)
213.  Payback VHS Film
214.  Perfect Blue DVD Film Foreign Language (Japanese) Animated (Anime)
215.  Phone Booth DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
216.  Pi VHS Film Black and White
217.  Pirates of the Caribbean DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
218.  Plunkett and Macleane DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
219.  Police Story DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film Foreign Language (Cantonese)
220.  Police Story 2 DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film Foreign Language (Cantonese)
221.  Portishead - Roseland New York DVD Music
222.  Princess Mononoke DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
223.  The Prodigal Son DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film Foreign Language (Cantonese)
224.  Project A DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set] Foreign Language (Cantonese)
225.  Pulp Fiction VHS Film
226.  Quiz Show VHS Film
227.  Raiders of the Lost Ark DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
228.  Raiders of the Lost Ark VHS Film
229.  Rashomon DVD Film Foreign Language (Japanese) Black and White
230.  Real Genius DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
231.  Rear Window VHS Film
232.  Red Dwarf 1.1 VHS TV show
233.  Red Dwarf 1.2 VHS TV show
234.  The Replacement Killers VHS Film
235.  Requiem for a Dream DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
236.  Reservoir Dogs DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
237.  Returner DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film Foreign Language (Japanese)
238.  Return of the God of Gamblers DVD Film Foreign Language (Cantonese)
239.  Road to Perdition DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
240.  RoboCop DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
241.  RoboCop 2 DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
242.  RoboCop 3 DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
243.  The Rock VHS [WIDESCREEN] Film
244.  Rollerball VHS Film
245.  Romeo + Juliet VHS Film
246.  Romeo Must Die DVD Film
247.  Ronin VHS Film
248.  Rope VHS Film
249.  Royal Shakespeare Company Great Performances volume 1 VHS Theatre
250.  Run Lola Run VHS Film Foreign Language (German)
251.  Salvador DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
252.  Saving Private Ryan VHS Film
253.  Scanners VHS Film
254.  Seven DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
255.  Seven VHS Film
256.  Seven Samurai DVD Film Foreign Language (Japanese) Black and White
257.  Seven Samurai VHS Film Foreign Language (Japanese) Black and White
258.  Sexy Beast DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
259.  Shakespeare in Love DVD Film
260.  Shallow Grave DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
261.  Shanghai Noon DVD Film
262.  Shaun of the Dead DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
263.  The Shawshank Redemption VHS Film
264.  Shiri DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film Foreign Language (Korean)
265.  Shogun Assassin (Special Edition) DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film Foreign Language (Japanese)
266.  Sleepy Hollow VHS Film
267.  Snake Eyes VHS Film
268.  Snatch DVD Film
269.  Sneakers VHS Film
270.  Solaris DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film Remake
271.  South Park - Bigger, Longer and Uncut DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set] Animated (Cartoon)
272.  Spaced series 1 DVD [WIDESCREEN] TV show
273.  Spaced series 2 DVD [WIDESCREEN] TV show
274.  Spider-man DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
275.  Spider-man 2 (Special Edition) DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
276.  Stargate (Director's Cut) DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
277.  Stargate VHS [WIDESCREEN] Film
278.  Stargate SG-1 #1 DVD [WIDESCREEN] TV show
279.  Stargate SG-1 #2 DVD [WIDESCREEN] TV show
280.  Stargate SG-1 #3 DVD [WIDESCREEN] TV show
281.  Stargate SG-1 #4 DVD [WIDESCREEN] TV show
282.  Stargate SG-1 #5 DVD [WIDESCREEN] TV show
283.  Stargate SG-1 #6 DVD [WIDESCREEN] TV show
284.  Stargate SG-1 #7 DVD [WIDESCREEN] TV show
285.  Stargate SG-1 #8 DVD [WIDESCREEN] TV show
286.  Stargate SG-1 pilot VHS TV show
287.  Stargate SG-1 volume 2 VHS TV show
288.  Starship Troopers VHS [WIDESCREEN] Film
289.  Star Trek - First Contact DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
290.  Star Trek - First Contact VHS [WIDESCREEN] Film
291.  Star Trek DS9 5.3 VHS TV show
292.  Star Trek DS9 6.10 (In the Pale Moonlight) VHS TV show
293.  Star Trek Voyager 3.4 VHS TV show
294.  Star Trek Voyager 3.5 VHS TV show
295.  Star Trek Voyager 3.6 VHS TV show
296.  Star Trek Voyager 5.6 (Chaotica) VHS TV show
297.  Star Wars - A New Hope VHS [WIDESCREEN] Film
298.  The Sting VHS Film
299.  Suspicion VHS Film Black and White
300.  Swordfish DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
301.  The Taking of Pelham One Two Three DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
302.  Taxi DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film Foreign Language (French)
303.  Taxi Driver DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
304.  The Terminator (Special Edition) DVD Film [Box Set]
305.  The Terminator VHS Film
306.  Terminator 2 - Judgement Day (T1000 Edition) VHS [WIDESCREEN] Film
307.  The Third Man VHS Film Black and White
308.  Thomas Crown Affair DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film Remake
309.  Three Kings DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
310.  Time Bandits DVD Film
311.  To Die For VHS Film
312.  To Have and Have Not VHS Film Black and White
313.  Tomb Raider DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
314.  Tomorrow Never Dies DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
315.  Tomorrow Never Dies VHS Film
316.  Total Recall VHS Film
317.  Touch of Evil VHS Film Black and White
318.  Training Day DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
319.  Trainspotting VHS [WIDESCREEN] Film
320.  The Transporter DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
321.  Triumph of the Nerds VHS TV show [Box Set]
322.  Tron DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
323.  True Lies VHS Film
324.  True Romance VHS Film
325.  Twelve Monkeys VHS Film
326.  Twenty Four Hour Party People DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
327.  Ultraviolet #1 VHS TV show
328.  Ultraviolet #2 VHS TV show
329.  Unbreakable DVD Film [Box Set]
330.  Underworld DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
331.  Unforgiven VHS Film
332.  The Usual Suspects VHS Film
333.  Versus DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film Foreign Language (Japanese)
334.  Very Bad Things VHS Film
335.  The Very Best of Ben Elton Live! VHS Comedy
336.  WarGames DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film
337.  WarGames VHS Film
338.  The Way of the Gun VHS Film
339.  Wicked City VHS Film Animated (Anime)
340.  Wild Things VHS Film
341.  Wonder Boys DVD Film
342.  The Work Of Director Chris Cunningham DVD Music
343.  The Work Of Director Spike Jonze DVD Music
344.  The Wrong Trousers DVD TV show [Box Set] Animated (Claymation)
345.  The Wrong Trousers VHS TV show Animated (Claymation)
346.  The X-Files - File 1 Pilot / Deep Throat VHS TV show
347.  The X-Files - Redux VHS TV show
348.  The X-Files - Season 1 VHS TV show [Box Set]
349.  The X-Files - Tunguska VHS TV show
350.  X-Files: The Movie VHS [WIDESCREEN] Film
351.  X-Men DVD Film
352.  X-Men 2 (Special Edition) DVD [WIDESCREEN] Film [Box Set]
353.  Yojimbo VHS Film Foreign Language (Japanese) Black and White

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