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Pictures on this site have been taken using the following digital cameras:
  1. Samsung Pro815Samsung Pro815
    Image: 8 megapixels (3264x2448)
    Zoom: 15x optical (28-420mm equivalent)
    Macro: macro and super macro
    Movies: 640x480 25fps, with stereo sound, 30 seconds
    Media: Compact Flash
    Bought: January 2006
  2. Samsung I6Samsung I6
    Image: 6 megapixels (2816 x 2112)
    Zoom: 3x optical
    Macro: macro
    Movies: 640 x 480, 30 fps, 30 seconds
    Media: SD
    Bought: May 2006
  3. Samsung s500iSamsung s500i
    Image: 1.3 megapixels (1280x1024)
    Zoom: N/A
    Macro: N/A
    Movies: yes, spec unlisted
    Media: internal / TransFlash
    Bought: February 2006
  4. Olympus C750UZC-750 Ultra Zoom
    Image: 4 megapixels (2288x1712)
    Zoom: 10x optical (35-350mm equivalent)
    Macro: macro and super macro
    Movies: 15fps, with sound, max. by memory.
    Media: xD
    Bought: October 2003
    C-750 Ultra Zoom with 1.7x adapter 1.7x tele conversion lens
    Bought: October 2004
    Zoom: 17x optical (595mm equivalent)
  5. SonyEricsson T610 (mobile phone)T610
    Image: 0.1 megapixels (288x352)
    Zoom: N/A
    Macro: N/A
    Movies: N/A
    Media: internal
    Bought: November 2003 (free offer)
  6. Olympus C2020ZC-2020Z
    Image: 2 megapixels (1600x1200)
    Zoom: 3x optical
    Macro: standard macro
    Movies: 12fps, no sound, 15 secs. max.
    Media: Smart Media
    Bought: October 2000
Some other cameras might have been used in historical sections such as the "me" photograph directory. These include a Casio QV-100 (640x480 point and click digital, the first digital camera I used); an Olympus OM10 with 35-100mm zoom lens (proper 35mm SLR); and miscellaneous point-and-click cameras, scanned in using whatever cheap and nasty scanner happened to be nearby.

Pictures on this page are publicity shots taken from the respective manufacturers websites, so © them and all that. Except the one with the big lens, that was taken on a camera phone.

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