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Welcome to HTML³

HTML³ is an HTML (and now WML) macro insterter for RISC OS. This program is freeware, which means you don't have to pay anything for it, although it'd be nice if you link back to or drop me a line at Re-distribute the program as you see fit, but make sure you don't distribute a copy that's got your choices and details installed. I retain copyright, but feel free to rip the program apart to see how it shouldn't be done!

Updates: email with the subject "SUBSCRIBE" and you'll be added to the mail list so I can let you know when a new version is released.

Getting started

After filling out your details in the User details window (these are purely for you benefit - it'll save you typing later!), check out the Intro page, and the FAQ. You might also want to look at the WML Intro page.

History list

The history list has got a bit long, so it's on a separate History page.

Recent updates include:

  • Easier colour editing with displays of the colours on "menus", and a colour history feature.
  • Complete re-writes of the Tables and Styles windows
  • Ability to output XHTML and WML instead of HTML; PHP and ASP implemented as well as SSI includes; simple Perl mode.
  • More graphics formats supported - BMP, WBMP, PNG, Flash, SVG.

And Finally...

Big thanks for all the people who have helped with this project over the years, either in word or deed - you know who you are!

HTML³: © Richard Goodwin 1997-2002