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The RiscPC range actually came with an updated version of RISC OS 3, but that doesn't fit nicely in the structure of the rest of the website ;). RISC OS 3.5 was the first official RiscPC OS, required to handle all the new stuff like VIDC20 graphics, 30Mhz ARM 6 processors and the like; 3.6 added support for slightly faster processors (33Mhz ARM 6, 40Mhz ARM 7); 3.7 fixed a number of bugs in 3.6 (including the one that would screw up your hard drive if you had a directory cache set and saved lots of small files, like in some news readers), plus brought support for the the 200Mhz StrongARM developed in conjunction with Digital. 3.8 was an unreleased beta (unless you knew the right people) that became RISC OS 4, and removed certain restrictions like the 77 files in a directory, 10 character file name, huge LFAU making any drive over 2GB uneconomic and so on. Some of those restrictions could be gotten around using third party hacks, but come on, there's nothing like having it built into the OS.
Medium 800x600, 291KB
Small 400x300, 148KB

A mock up of RISC OS 3.8 in action. Pastel colours replaced the harsh blue directory icons - although I've modified this machine to have custom directory icons and some RISC OS 4 icons like the task manager "switcher", bottom right.
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Medium 800x582, 604KB
Small 400x291, 167KB

RISC OS 4 didn't look so different from 3.8, but had pale green directory icons. Go figure.
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Small 400x291, 123KB

I'm not one for making things look flash for the sake of it. My hard drive is pretty tidy, and there's no stickers or strange plush creatures sitting on top of my monitor. However, vanilla RISC OS is a fairly dull, grey prospect, so on-screen things get a bit of a makeover.
Medium 800x600, 290KB
Small 400x300, 113KB
Medium 800x600, 163KB
Small 400x300, 72KB
Medium 800x600, 523KB
Small 400x300, 179KB

RISC OS Select is the latest incarnation of RISC OS to hit the streets - RISC OS 4.29 at the time of writing. This is a subscription based scheme which gives a number of changes, some of which are cosmetic, some of which give useful features, but none of which really appeal to me at this time (the rainbow backdrop effect did, until I wrote my own program to do the same thing on early versions of RISC OS ;)

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